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5 Axis Simultaneous Machining

Machine capable sizes: 73.2" Diameter 49.2' Height With a Max Swing of 98.4"


The duoBLOCK series models are 5-axis machining centers that employ the DMG MORI original highly stable, highly precise duoBLOCK structure. The 4th Generation DMU 100 P duoBLOCK delivers high machining accuracy, rigidity and performance by thorough thermal displacement control, optimized machine structure and enhanced part strength, compared to the existing model. The model demonstrates optimal machining for various fields from machining of difficult-to-cut materials for the aerospace industry to machining of tools and die & mold products requiring the highest level of surface quality.


Maximum accuracy through completely water-cooled feed drive
powerMASTER motorspindle with 737.6 ft lb and 103.3 hp
5X torqueMASTER with 1,328 ft lb and 69.7 hp
Low space requirements, extremely compact wheel magazine with short tool replenishment time of max. 5.6 sec with 453 tool pockets

Other Capabilities


Zeiss 164215 Accura


Toshiba TUE15 S (2015)


DMG Mori NTX2000 (2015)

5 Axis Simultaneous Machining

DMU 100 duoBlock (2014)

5 Axis Gantry

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