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Turning up to 27" Diameter and 120" Lengths


The NTX 2000 2nd Generation is an all-round machine that enables high-precision, high-efficiency machining of complex-shaped workpieces for the aircraft, medical equipment, automotive, die & mold, precision equipment industries. Equipped with a spacious machining area as well as high cutting capabilities of turning centers and machining centers, the model performs from micro fine machining to machining of large workpieces. Efficient process integration for high-volume, low-mix parts and mass-production components helps increase customers' productivity.


Simultaneous 5-axis machining of complex parts with the direct drive motor (DDM) installed in the B-axis
B-axis rotation range: ±120°, rotational speed: 100 rpm
Equipped with a Capto C6 tool spindle as standard, max. spindle speed of 12,000 rpm
Digital tailstock adopted for the tailstock specifications

Other Capabilities


Zeiss 164215 Accura


Toshiba TUE15 S (2015)


DMG Mori NTX2000 (2015)

5 Axis Simultaneous Machining

DMU 100 duoBlock (2014)

5 Axis Gantry

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