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5 Axis Gantry

Machine tool travel: 9.842' X 19.685 X 4.921'


eVer 7, mainly oriented to applications in the moulding and aerospace sectors, is characterised by an overhead gantry structure sliding on columns, and ensures high dynamic performance thanks to the minimized moving volumes. Furthermore, the machine compact configuration enables a perfect guarding for efficient containment of shavings and other scraps. The machine features: • minimized hourly costs • reduced operating costs • simplified maintenance • flexibility in use • crossbeam structure with multi-triangle section “MT-frame” ensuring high rigidity and dynamics • acceleration and speed through innovative mechanics and kinematics • environment-friendly


Designed to reduce maintenance costs and downtimes
Designed for the best price/performance ratio
BUSS Automatic head changing system, indexed 2.5° or 0.02° or continuous Customizable for each application
Y axis: - 2 rails series 65 (2+2 pads; - dual drive rack & pinion and Z axis: - 2 rails series 65 (3+3 pads); - dual drive rack & pinion with electronic

Other Capabilities


Zeiss 164215 Accura


Toshiba TUE15 S (2015)


DMG Mori NTX2000 (2015)

5 Axis Simultaneous Machining

DMU 100 duoBlock (2014)

5 Axis Gantry

2017 JOBS Ever7